Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the different between a free account and a premium account?

A free account gets all the alerts with a 3 day delay while a premium account gets everything in real time.

Q. How many stocks are there in the database?

We predict alerts for around 5500 stocks every day. However, you will not see all stocks in the alerts as we only post alerts where our Artificial Intelligence models had high confidence.

Q. When are alerts from each tool posted?

For live options flow, alerts are posted every second during market hours. For the remaining five tools, alerts are posted right after the market ends.

Q. How many days are the alerts valid for?

For live options flow, there is no specific answer and it depends on the reader to infer the validity of the flow. For both Continuation Clairvoyant and Stock Prophet, the alerts are valid for 5 days i.e the stock is predicted to move in a certain direction within 5 days. For flowtics, the alerts are valid anywhere from one day to several months.

Q. What is the difference between Continuation Clairvoyant and Stock Prophet? They both seem to predict stock movements.

Continuation clairvoyant predicts stock movements of big movers from every day e.g only those stocks that moved atleast 10% during the day. On the other hand, Stock Prophet predicts stock movements for all stocks.

Q. How are you different from other tools like Cheddarflow and FlowAlgo?

Live Options flow, which is the main focus of the aforementioned websites, is just one of our tools. We are a more Artificial Intelligence driven company than an options flow based company. Our 4 other state of the art tools use AI algorithms to infer stock movements for different cadence, which is not currently been done by any other company. Also, our set of tools is much bigger than almost every company out there and we have more than 3-4 tools coming soon within half an year. That coupled with our affordable subscription price makes us distinctly different from the above websites.