Our Artificial Intelligence Tools use
Options Flow and Technical Analysis
to anticipate stock movements

5 AI Driven Tools

Our current suite of toolkit consists of 5 different kinds of systems that you can use to gauge market sentiment towards individual stocks. 4 out 5 tools are powered by an Artificial Intelligence system. More tools are coming soon!

Options Flow

We provide live options flow of hundreds of stocks that can help you anticipate stock movements before they happen. Special filters for unusual and anomalous flows are designed to filter the most informative flow information.

AI Driven Irregular Flow Analytics

We have a statistical engine that analyzes aggregated daily and 3-day options flow (more robust analysis) of stocks to find the most unusual and irregular flows, which are very often a strong indication of a stock moving in the direction of the flow.

Continuation Clairvoyant

Continuation clairvoyant uses an artificial intelligence system trained on historical data to anticipate continuation of big movers everyday. If a stock moves 10% a day, our system predicts its continuation for the next few days.

Stock Prophet

Stock Prophet looks at more than 7000 stocks every day and uses an artificial intelligence model that relies on technical analysis to anticipate short term movement of every stock.

Trade Sent

News are a crucial part of research that every trader does. Trade Sent analyzes millions of news articles for over 7000 stocks every day and sorts them based on an AI driven sentiment analysis module.

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